We’ve probably all dreamed about collaborating with our favourite celebrities. One group of teenage filmmakers from Barrie, Ontario managed to make those dreams a reality. And all they had to do was slide into Ryan Reynolds DMs.

In a TikTok video posted this month, Mitch Graszat shared his experience with Reynolds. We got in touch with Graszat, who told us all about what it was like to work with the Canadian actor.

Graszat, along with his sister and friend, were participating in a TIFF 24-hour movie contest back in 2017 when they decided to ask Ryan Reynolds to narrate for them.

“We had the movie pretty much thought out and we were sitting in a Jack Astor's on John St. I believe and we came up with the idea for a narrator,” Graszat explained.

“We thought it would be cool to show the judges on the panel that we were able to get a big-name person in the 24-hour time frame. We brainstormed a few people and started with Ryan, as we all were huge fans.”

Reynolds responded to their Instagram message within 10 minutes, something they will not soon forget, Graszat shared with Narcity.

“We never thought we would get someone like him, we figured we would have had to ask our mom(s) to narrate or something! I remember just sitting in the Jack Astor's booth literally shaking from excitement, not able to eat,” Graszat explains.

“The waitress probably thought we were crazy because we were all jittery and smiley!”

And how could you not be?

Since the entire movie needed to be wrapped up in 24 hours, the process of working with Reynolds was pretty straightforward, says Graszat. 

And Ryan, no surprise, was nothing but kind and respectful to the young filmmakers.

“It was a lot of dm'ing back and forth on twitter with him, sending him some lines. He was extremely respectful and treated us as if we were his legit co-workers on some multi-million dollar movie,” Graszat tells Narcity.

“We sent him the lines and he asked permission to ad-lib some of them and we, of course, said yes. He added ‘cried themselves to sleep on their tear-soaked shame pillow.’"

"He even asked afterwards if his delivery was okay and if we wanted him to re-do it,” Graszat shared with Narcity. 

Reynolds sent his audio recording over two hours before the midnight deadline.

As Graszat explains, Ryan actually had to record his lines in an airplane bathroom because he was stuck at the gate.

Wow, talk about committing to a role!

Graszat, who is now 20 years old, says Reynolds left him with some words of wisdom that have stuck with him through the years. 

“He also told us something I will never forget. He said, ‘A lot of people want to make movies, you're actually doing it.’ It has just kept me motivated to keep doing what I'm doing,” Graszat shared with Narcity.

“It was an insane experience and yeah I hope to meet him someday for real and see if he remembers a couple kids from Barrie.” 

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