Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively are relationship goals. Not only are they both stunning and talented, they also have great senses of humor and don't seem to take things too seriously. 

If you keep up with them on social media, you can tell that they take some pretty hilarious pot shots at one another. 

For example, when some paparazzi photos came out of Blake looking... a lot different than she typically does, Ryan was the first to comment. The Deadpool star posted the photo to his Instagram account and captioned it, "#nofilter"

@vancityreynoldsembedded via  

However Blake is no spoil sport, she dishes it out just as much as Ryan does. For her husband's birthday she hilariously posted this... beautiful birthday shout out featuring Canada's other favourite Ryan, saying "Happy birthday baby". 

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Well it looks like Ryan got his revenge and it was in such a subtle way, that most of you missed it. Everyone got excited about the new Deadpool 2 trailer and all the action packed goodness within it, that they missed his little reference to Blake.  

At the 2:13 mark in the trailer, you can hear Ryan/ Deadpool say "And that is why Sisterhood Of The Travelling pants is pure pornography." For those who aren't making the connection, Blake played 1/4th of the sisters is the Sisterhood Of The Travelling Pants movies. Clearly this joke was pointed to her and her 3 longtime besties , and 

While we love Ryan's subtle shade, we can't wait to see what Blake comes back with! 

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