Schitt's Creek may be coming to an end after season six premieres later this year, but it doesn't seem like the shows passionate fandom is dropping their love for the cast anytime soon. There was a fan convention in Milwaukee this weekend that basically turned into a huge birthday party for one of the actors. Dan Levy got an epic Schitt's Creek birthday cake at the Milwaukee convention. 

Dan Levy celebrated his 36th birthday at a sold-out fan event this past Friday and the showrunners and fans made sure he got the Schitt's Creek welcome he deserved. On Instagram Levy posted a picture of himself with the rest of the cast behind a ginormous Schitt's Creek Rosebud Motel-shaped birthday cake.


The cake was made by a local bakery called Aggie's Bakery and the reveal of the cake came with a sold-out chorus of Happy Birthday for the Schitt's Creek star. A chorus that also included voices of some cast members who made surprise appearances. 

The Milwaukee event on Aug. 9 promised to have Dan and Eugene Levy in attendance but surprised fans with the entire main cast including Catherin O'Hara, Annie Murphy, and Emily Hampshire. According to the event's website, fans were promised, "a live, interactive evening that promises to be fun and insightful while giving fans an insider’s look into the making of the series." 

The huge birthday celebration is only a small part of what fans gave Dan Levy for his birthday. Fans around the world raised $20,000 for the LGBTQ+ community in honor of Levy. He even posted a video thanking them! 

There's no doubt that Levy deserved all the love people showered with him on his birthday, I mean without him there would be no David Rose or Schitt's Creek in general. Happy belated birthday Dan Levy! 

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