It's been a huge last couple of months for Schitt's Creek and the entire cast. With the show coming to an end after season  6 airing this fall, this is everything we could've hoped for our little Canadian show. Coming off of the recent excitement of their four Emmy nominations it was just announced that another cast member won an award! Schitt's Creek's Dan Levy is being presented with an honorary award. 

GLAAD is an LGBTQ+ awareness organization that Levy has worked with and advocated for in the past. The award is called the Davidson/Valentini Award that was named after the first exec of GLAAD. 

The award honours someone in media who consistently and continuously advocates for the LGBTQ+ community. Levy has been known to fundraise for a variety of different organizations in the past and he's even gone on to inspire fans who raised $20 000 in his name for Ontario's LGBTQ+ youth. 

The current CEO of GLADD, Sarah Kate, released a statement about Levy saying that "through his work on-screen and behind the scenes of Schitt's Creek, Dan Levy moves LGBTQ visibility on television forward in humorous, compelling, and necessary ways".

Kate also went on to commemorate both Schitt's Creek and Levy by recognizing how "Dan and Schitt's Creek are expanding representation of the spectrum of identities within the LGBTQ community in a way that other content creators should model."

Levy will be in San Fransisco at the GLAAD gala on September 28th to accept his award! 

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