The comedy series may be coming to an end but Schitt’s Creek fans are only taking their love for the show to a whole other level. In the past, viewers have done things such as create custom colouring books based on the show and have gotten tattoos dedicated to characters in the series. Now, some are promoting the show whenever they get in their car. The official Schitt’s Creek Twitter account is even keeping tabs on these superfans!   

On February 6, the Schitt’s Creek account tweeted that they had done some research and found that there are 22 customized licence plates across North America that feature an infamous quote from their show, “it is wild that, as far as we can tell, people in 22 provinces, territories and states in North America have some kind of #EwDavid license plate.”

A map was also included highlighting the locations where the license plates were present.

They went on to tell their fans that they “are an amazing bunch” and that they’d “update this map as and when we see more…”

If you aren’t sure where exactly the quote is from, in the series, Alexis Rose (Annie Murphy) has a tendency of saying “Ew David” when her brother does something she isn’t impressed with.

Some owners of these vehicles caught wind of the tweet and decided to share photos of their hilarious plates.

The license plate owners from Illinois, Kansas, California, North Carolina, Maine, and Virginia all came forward with their unique tributes.

The Twitter account stayed true to their word and shared with fans, on February 21, an updated map, “updating the map with ~seven~ new states to take the total to 29! #ewdavid.”

According to the new map, Canadian provinces Ontario and Nova Scotia have already gotten in on the trend.

With only a handful of episodes left until the Schitt’s Creek series finale, if this license plate movement is any indication, fans are still not giving up on their favourite Roses.

You can catch Schitt’s Creek Tuesday nights on CBC.

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