It seems like Moira's wigs aren't her only bébés. Schitt's Creek star Catherine O'Hara is apparently willing to buy the stag painting off of Emily Hampshire who called dibs on it years ago. It's actually the size of a whole wall!

The Schitt's Creek Twitter account posted a video today of some of the stars talking about set items they're taking after the series ends.

The video captioned, "What would you steal from the #SchittsCreek set? (please don't steal stuff)" featured castmates Dan Levy, Annie Murphy, Noah Reid, Sarah Levy, and Hampshire.

She's played motel manager Stevie Budd since the first season in 2015. You may very well know the painting behind the front desk if you're a hardcore fan of the series. 

In the video, Hampshire declares that "The stag, giant painting behind Stevie is what I'm taking. I didn't realize how big that is because I'm just always behind it. It's an actual wall so Catherine had said that 'if it doesn't fit in your apartment, I'll buy it off you'. Because I've said from the beginning that I'm taking that. And then I thought 'how much would she buy it off me for?' Because I'm getting it for free."

You can see the stag painting in all its glory in the video below. It's so big that we didn't get many glimpses at the whole piece during scenes.

In addition to having her eye on the painting, O'Hara reportedly took a few of Moira's wigs from the set after production on the series finale wrapped up. You've known her wigs to be her "bébés" since the beginning of the series and it even seems she loves them more than her own children.

Her on-screen son and co-creator Levy shared that he stole pictures, notebooks, lip balms, and other items from the apothecary. 

"I mean I haven't really stolen, it's my show I can do what I want," Levy joked. "I'm a collector, I don't necessarily want to let go of things so all the important things I've kept." 

As for his on-screen sister, Murphy took, "two of the tacky 1970s pieces that were above Alexis' bed, and Dan has the matching set." She also said she has "Alexis' public relations diploma" too.

The actor behind Patrick Brewer has his eye on another big piece from the set.

Reid said, "I've actually considered making a move on the piano in the town hall, just roll it out on the last day."

Twyla Sands, played by Dan's real-life sister shared that, "Annie told me to take the chalkboard at the cafe. I think it might be a little tough to take home and it might get ruined. But like, something." 

After six glorious seasons, we will soon say goodbye to the Rose family and friends when the series finale airs this April.

After that, you'll have one last chance to see them live and in action when they hit two Ontario venues on the Schitt's Creek: Farewell Tour this summer.

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