This has been a huge year for the Schitt's Creek cast, especially Dan Levy. With the announcement of their final season, and then their first Emmy nominations, it's been a great last couple of months to be a Schitt's Creek stan. Although Schitt's Creek will have to wait another year to potentially become Emmy winners, it isn't stopping the cast from reeling in other awards in the meantime. This past weekend Dan Levy accepted an honorary award from the organization GLAAD. 

GLAAD is an LGBTQ advocacy group that fights for LGBTQ acceptance and highlights key members of the community. They announced last month that Levy would be the recipient of this year's Davidson/Valentini award that's given to someone who "has made a significant difference in promoting acceptance for the LGBTQ community."  

The Gala for the awards presentation was this past weekend and looked amazing. Not only did Levy casually hang out with Paula Abdul, but the award was presented to him by his Schitt's Creek castmates making the night all the more special. 

During his speech, he discussed the struggle he went through in high school with his sexuality and the bullying that he endured, "I think back to that time where I legitimately thought that I'd have to live with this secret — my being gay — for the rest of my life. I didn't have the security of seeing a lot of people like myself being celebrated in popular culture."

Now Schitt's Creek allows Levy to be an LGBTQ inspiration in real life and through his character David Rose who identifies as pansexual. 

Levy also got into joking about the results of the Emmys last weekend. Fans who only watched the award show for the Schitt's Creek cast were disappointed when the Canadian comedy fell short in each category. Levy seems to just see their loss as comedic material though, calling himself an, "out and proud gay Emmy loser." 

Schitt's Creek will begin airing its final season in January 2020. 

If you want to have something to remember this iconic show by, the show is having an entire wardrobe sale where you can actually purchase Schitt's Creek memorabilia! 

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