If you're a Lord Disick fan yourself, you're well aware of Scott's recent post-Kourt antics in and around France, LA, and his second home - Vegas. Dude's been on somewhat of a worrying, yet entertaining, spiral of debauchery, hook-ups, and many a Stella Artois on a balcony. 

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While Scott has been seen with tons of girls - models, stylists, actresses, you name it - he has been spotted with one notably more than the others. 19-year old Bella Thorne. When pictures of the two first arose in LA, Kardashian fans revolted at the possible couple. Perhaps in outrage over Thorne's age, social-media persona, or ever-changing hair colour.

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The two have been in bit of a romantic whirlwind, with pictures of them hugging, caressing and holding hands have freckled the internet for the better part of two months now. When Bella Thorne had a radio interview last week, she revealed that her and LD had never been involved sexually, to which we all rolled our eyes. But when E! News caught up with Disick in Vegas, he offered a similar sentiment. 

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"[There are] no love interests for me, no girlfriends or anything like that​​​​​​​...When asked about famous ex Kourtney, Scott dished that the two are on good terms and noted that "we stay strong for our three children, that's pretty much all we can do." 

"I think it's a little rude that everybody keeps addressing me as a sex addict," Scott says. After a joke this season on Keeping Up, the press has often printed 'sex addict' headlines about the father of three. "I just like sex," he added. "I have a gargantuan appetite [for it] but I'm not a sex addict."

When the reporter brings up Thorne, Scott quickly states, "We have nothing to do with each other romantically," in true LD fashion. Is it bad to say we're glad?? It's going to take one hell of a woman to fill Kourtney's Manolos. And we for one, can't wait to meet her. 

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