You would think that the drama around Selena Gomez and her mom would be settling down considering the traction both got earlier this morning when Mandy Teefey, Sel's mom had commented back to a fan on her career choices. Mandy told fans that Selena decision to star in Woody Allen's newest film, A Rainy Day In New York, was solely Selena's decision, and that in fact, she went against her entire team and her own mother's better judgment to skip the flick due to the controversy surrounding the director. 

@stunningselenamgembedded via

Since then many fans have had some choice words about Selena's mother considering she allegedly sold stories to gossip blogs and speaks to news outlets on a regular basis. Though it seems that Mandy is fed up with the fake news and took to Facebook to write an extremely lengthy post about what really happened with her and Selena: 

Via @PopCrave

Via @PopCrave

It's fair that Mandy would want to say her piece considering she has been getting a ton of exposure to the press over basic concerns regarding her daughter. She initially came under fire for her comments on Jelena, but it's clear that there is a lot more to unpack when it comes to their relationship. While it definitely isn't our business, we hope that Mandy's Facebook post will result in her and Selena hashing it out and moving on. 

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