Selena Gomez is not known for having the most stable relationships. I have to admit, I was really holding out for Jelena, but it looks like they're not getting back together and it's time for Selena to finally move on. 

Selena has had an interesting relationship with her mother, Mandy Teefey, but at the end of the day, Mandy probably knows Selena better than anyone else! It makes sense that Mandy has a few things to say about what kind of person Selena should date next. 

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In an interview with People Magazine, Mandy revealed the qualities that Selena's next boyfriend should possess if they're going to be suitable for her daughter.

The first thing he needs to have is "a sense of humour". Obviously, that's important in most relationships. We can all agree that J Biebs was definitely a funny guy, but we don't think that Mandy was talking about him. 

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Secondly, he needs
to be "family oriented". Does this mean that Mandy wants Selena to settle down with someone who's interested in having a family? Selena is turning 26-years-old this year, maybe it's time for her to get serious with someone! 

Finally, the mystery man needs to be "someone who truly understands the life that she lives." It's not easy dating a pop star if you aren't one. Celebrities usually date other celebrities because regular people can't understand their lifestyle. So, it looks like Selena needs to date someone famous.


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Well, since Justin was just spotted kissing Hailey Baldwin all over NYC, Selena's going to have to move onto someone new. Maybe she should move on from the heartbreaking popstars like Justin and the Weeknd and find a new genre of men to date.

Maybe she should do what Rihanna did and hook up with a billionaire? You know, someone who is smart and rich but in a low key way. 😉

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