Being famous usually comes with the drawback of having to deal with internet negativity. However, this Canadian celeb seems unfazed by the internet's most recent banter about his appearance. In fact, he even said he was "flattered" by it. Seth Rogen dog comparison photos have been circulating the internet and he responded. 

It all started after an Instagram account for a human-looking Ausiedoodle was set up. It wasn't long after that, that the unique dog was discovered and compared to a specific human.

Nori also lives alongside his fellow dog sibling, Yorkie Boba.

Not only has Nori's photo been passed around all over the internet but he's also been featured on shows in England all the way to Japan. 

Rogen eventually gave into the multiple fans who have been tagging him in photos of the puppy and tweeted saying, "I've been tagged by dozens of people saying I look like this dog and I couldn't be more flattered." 

Not only was he not upset at his new doppelgänger, but he's fully embracing it. 

Rogen's charity, "Hilarity for Charity" even chimed in and added their own side by side comparison, "We see it." 

One Twitter user went as far as to photoshop his face onto Nori!

A new nickname for the Canadian was also being tested in the responses. "Seth Rover," anyone? 

Seattle Refined actually sat down with Nori's owner, Kevin Hurless, to discuss all the look-alikes his puppy has been given over the years, "People would say Chewbacca, people would say Ewoks." 

The dog also gets compared to human characters from The Dark Crystal and Dumb and Dumber. 

After the internet's most recent escapade, Hurless admitted that he gets a lot more human comparisons now.

Some could say the comparison isn't that far fetched. Rogen did, after all, spend the better part of 2019 promoting his role as the warthog Pumbaa in the Lion King live-action.  

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