We all know Seth Rogen is as Canadian as it gets. He's even the voice for our transit system announcements. Because of his pride in our country, you would expect that the actor would be celebrating with a huge barbeque and some fireworks. Instead, he spent Canada day torturing himself over Canadian delicacies. On Twitter, Seth Rogen's Canadian snack choices are so relatable. 

He responded to a tweet by a Canadian account that was prompting Canadians to eliminate one Canadian food from the four options. The options were Caesars, Nanaimo bars, Kraft Dinner, and the infamous poutine. 

Seth Rogen quoted the tweet and started off by jokingly telling the account that their tweet was "f*cked up". He then gave valid reasons for why each food couldnt be counted out, "Caesars are too good to go and the only good use of Clamato. Nanaimo bars are great. Kraft Dinner raised me. And Poutine is objectively delicious."

Canadian Actor Jacob Tremblay even got in on the fun and tweeted, "Seriously u would keep clam broth and tomato juice?!🤢🤮 I would have to keep poutine cause it's what keeps me alive."

Although Seth couldn't choose between the four choices, it seems like the final consensus from Twitter was that Nanaimo is what's going to have to go. Not without much debate from very passionate Canadians though.  

Even though there were mixed opinions about Nanaimo bars being chosen for elimination, there was one thing everyone agreed on: Kraft Dinner raised us all. 

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