The rapper is still the one she has her eyes on. That Shania Twain and Post Malone collab we've been hoping to get is still on her mind. It seems she wants it as much as we do!

Twain recently spoke on The Big Ticket with Marc Malkin podcast where they discussed her health issues, almost losing her voice, and even who she hopes to work with one day.

Twain explained that she got back on stage after a decade long hiatus due to her battle with Lyme disease and dysphonia. However, she noticed that the people in the audience weren't what she expected.

Instead, they were young adults who listened to her music as little kids and were now supporting her new work. That includes 24-year-old Post Malone. 

"Well, I want to work with Post Malone," she said. "The first way I heard about [him] was, he was on Jimmy Fallon and Jimmy says 'what does Post Malone do backstage waiting to go on for a show?' I think that particular show was Coachella or something big. And he goes 'well when I'm backstage waiting to go on for a show, I hang out with Shania Twain.'"

The Timmins born singer added, "And then in another interview later on down the line, he said, 'I grew up always listening to Shania Twain in the car. My mom driving and Shania Twain just playing on repeat.'" 

Twain and Malone actually go back years to when she first had her eye on him as a new artist.

"When I first met Post Malone, he was opening up for Justin Bieber and he only had about 15 or 20 minutes on stage so he didn't have much time up there yet," she said. "And I loved his voice, his whole way, I went to the Bieber show to see Post Malone." 

Twain boldly added, "I think we're just destined to jam and creatively get together. I think we have a connection." 

This isn't the first time the Queen of Country Pop has spoken about her desire to work with Posty.

Back in November, she shared in an interview that she already has a song written for them, he just doesn't know it yet. That came around the same time Post Malone was shamelessly dancing during her performance at the AMAs. 

Hopefully, the two can find some time to collab with their busy schedules. Post Malone is on the Runaway Tour until July, and Twain is currently on a Las Vegas residency that's running until December. 

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