Shawn Mendes can be compared to a puppy. No one can hate him, he's adorable, and even when he makes mistakes you feel bad for him. Well, turns out, this is one of those times. Shawn is pretty active on Twitter besides when he decides to go on social detoxes over the holidays. He likes a lot of tweets, and whether they're accidental or not, fans notice. Well, Shawn Mendes accidentally liked a transphobic tweet and fans are not having it. 

Today, while scrolling on Twitter, I realized Shawn was apologizing for something *sigh*. As I looked into it, it seems as though fans were not happy after realizing he liked a transphobic tweet, which has since been unliked. What was the tweet about? We're not 100% positive, but fans are saying it was about his best friend Teddy Geiger, who is open about being transgender. 

We all know Shawn would not like that tweet willingly. He has been open about how admirable his friend Teddy is for coming out, and even spoke about the first time he referred to Teddy as 'her' and the look on her face. Crying real tears right now. Anyways, of course, fans berated Shawn to apologize, and his response was so... him. 

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Even though no one says what the tweet is, there are thousands of tweets telling him to apologize. And in true Shawn fashion, he gave the fans what they want. Here was his adorable response:

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We do know him and we know he would never. Let's just let this go, shall we? People are now calling his fans toxic for this and telling them to leave him alone. Oh boy, here we go again!  

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