Even though Canadian singer and songwriter Shawn Mendes had just denied those random rumours of a possible relationship between him and supermodel Hailey Baldwin, it seems he's got some explaining to do. Just about everyone in the city saw the pair enjoying Toronto this past weekend, and the photos are pretty cute. 

They were first seen checking out one of Daniel Ceasar's five shows at the Danforth Music Hall. Photos showed the pair all cuddled up and while you would think they'd try to keep a low profile, they both were pretty obvious considering they shared photos of the concert on their Instagram stories. 

From there they ended up going on one of the most basic Toronto Christmas dates ever, at Distillery's Christmas market! Tons of fans saw the pair together though you would have definitely needed to be a fan to recognize them considering Hailey's massive glasses made her look unrecognizable. 

While it seems pretty obvious from Hailey's decision to visit Toronto so close to the holidays with Shawn and the classic Distillery date that these two are official, some fans are still skeptical. 

Since we'll never know for sure until they release statements, we'll just have to enjoy the adorable photos for now! At least we know Shawn's showing Hailey the coolest spots in the city! 

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