Shawn Mendes is known for being a Canadian golden boy, like a young Justin Bieber before the peeing in mop-buckets phase. And while Shawn is usually tight-lipped about his dating life - despite being spotted with models like Hailey Baldwin - he was more than happy to share some super private details with a New Zealand radio station. 

via @shawnmendes

The radio hosts asked Mendes if he manscaped, how old he was when he lost his virginity and who his oldest lover was. The 19-year old Canadian crooner confessed that his oldest lover was 25 and that it happened when he was 19 - meaning he slept with this older woman (or man) in the past 3 months! 

via @shawnmendes

Shawn was a little confused by the manscaping, asking, "Is that when you [trim your pubes]? Yeah, absolutely. It would be weird if I said no, or if I didn’t want to answer that." And when it comes to losing his virginity? Shawn was an early bird and admits he swiped it at a mere 16. Damn, Mendes. 

Check out the rest of the interview here! 


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