If you follow Shay Mitchell on Instagram, then you'll know she's always travelling somewhere. The actress has a 'theme' on her Instagram, I guess you could say, of cute travel photos and some are with her in it, and some aren't. Fans recently took to her Instagram, specifically the comments, to accuse her of stealing photos and faking her oh so famous Instagram vacation photos. 

Shay, who calls her travels #Shaycation, can currently be seen in Hong Kong. Her Instagram stories prove it, but she is still being accused of stealing photos from other artists and the fans aren't having it. As we previously reported, all of the evidence has been put together by some of the artists, fans, and all she did was steal these photos and put a filter on them. The worst part? She didn't credit the photos so it looks like she took them. 

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While she has now added where she took the photos from, stating that the pictures are from Pinterest or Tumblr, she had the perfect caption to debunk all of those rumours that she may just be at home stealing photos or photoshopping her way in to the photos. I don't think she has much time for that. On her latest Instagram post, which shows her in front of a stunning view of Shanghai, she captioned it, "View so nice it almost looks... fake." Ouch!

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Well, there you have it. The Pretty Little Liars star hasn't apologized for stealing the photos, but has now given credit where credit is due. Let's just hope she learns her lesson that Instagram comments can be disabled. 

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