If you've ever performed in front of a camera, you'll be familiar with the feeling of utter embarrassment that comes with watching those videos back years later. Apparently famous actresses have those feelings too.

Eight years ago, Shay Mitchell sent in an audition tape for the role of Emily Fields in an unknown show called Pretty Little Liars. Little did she know, that pilot would turn into a global hit and she'd turn into a star, lasting seven seasons and gaining millions of fans. 

Now,  the Pretty Little Liars actress is sharing her original audition tape on her YouTube channel, along with the stories of how it all came together.

But even though Mitchell has millions of fans and a successful career behind her, she says she still “mortified” to revisit the audition tape that got her the gig.

She told fans in a video posted to her YouTube channel on Friday: "I stalled for as long as I could, but I’m not going to stall any longer," showing her fans the eight-year-old footage of what she called "the first big audition that I’d ever done." 

The now 30-year-old Canadian actress said shows like Vampire Diaries and Gossip Girl inspired her when she was trying to play Emily, and added that she had to multitask in order to find the time to rehearse her lines for the audition: "I was doing bottle service at this point, when I was living in Toronto, so I was in the coat-check room reading my lines."

via @shaymitchell

The eight-year-old footage shows a baby-faced Mitchell reading lines with a secretary from her agents office. "Why didn’t I just go to a studio? Because I had no money to get someone to put me on tape professionally," she said.

But luckily for the Mississauga-born actress, it all worked out anyway. Not only does Mitchell star in one of the most popular TV shows out there, she's also a successful entrepreneur, model, author and activist. 

Hard work pays off, eh Shay Mitchell?

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