We are so very here for Ariana Grande's 'tude. Last night, she totally called out TMZ for misspelling her name in a tweet, and her fans absolutely loved it. Even though—just earlier this week—Ariana majorly messed up her new tattoo, she didn't let that stop her from trolling TMZ for their mistake. 

Thursday night, TMZ shared its story on Twitter about an artist suing Ariana Grande over the God Is a Woman music video. Apparently, this dude is saying Ari ripped off his painting and stole his concept for her video. While some musicians would have freaked out about the story, Ariana was more concerned with the spelling of her name in the headline. 

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Instead of Arianathe headline read "Ariane." The singer picked right up on that, retweeting the story and adding "who ariane." Fans loved the clap back, and the replies immediately started pouring in.

Via arianagrande | Twitter

Many likened the mistake to Apple Music messing up the lyrics of thank u, next. The lyrics should have read: I know they say I move on too fastBut this one gon' last / 'Cause her name is Ari /  And I'm so good with that (so good with that). But, Apple Music originally wrote "Aubrey" instead of "Ari." Until they corrected the mistake, fans thought Ariana was dating a girl named Aubrey. 

TMZ owned up to its mistake with the most perfect response EVER. After followers made them aware of the typo, they replied: "Guess Japanese isn't the only language that's tough to master" in reference to the whack English translation of Ariana's Japanese tattoo ("tiny BBQ grill" 4ever!). Touché, TMZ. 

Via TMZ | Twitter


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