Snoop Dogg is an absolute icon in pop culture. Even if you don’t listen to his music at all you certainly know who he is could easily recognize him if you saw him on the street.

What you don’t usually associate with Snoop Dogg is hockey, and certainly not hockey in Winnipeg of all places. It doesn’t seem like something that he would be interested in at all.

And yet Snoop Dogg recently appeared in a tweet sent out by the NHL shouting out the Winnipeg Jets and teasing the idea that something is on the way later this month.

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In the tweet Snoop Dogg appears wearing an NHL jersey and congratulates the Winnipeg Jets for recently clinching a playoff spot “Shoutout to Patrick Laine and the Winnipeg Jets for making the playoffs,” he says.

He also refers to himself as “Dogg Cherry,” an obvious rip-off of Hockey Night In Canada’s iconic Don Cherry.  

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He also calls himself “The one and only 99 + 2 - The Greater One," for a Wayne Gretzky reference.

He ends cryptically with the words “I heard I was in the playoffs too? Is that true?”

That’s right before the words “Snoop Dogg coming April 11,” appear on the screen.  

You can see the tweet below. 

So, what could all this mean? There’s no way of telling for sure, but the NHL playoffs do start next week, perhaps Snoop Dogg will be doing the national anthems for the Winnipeg Jets first playoff game?

Or he’ll be part of some playoff concert for fans?

We won’t know until April 11.

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