Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin may have started a trend with their big move to Canada last week. Now, rapper Snoop Dogg plans to hop on the Canadian bandwagon and make the move up north. 

At the launch for his brand new book, the rapper revealed that he considers Canada his second home and even wants to get his dual citizenship here. Snoop went on to say that he wants to move here and become a citizen by next month. 

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He told the media at the event that Canada loves him and he loves Canada. That's not the only reason he wants to make the move, though. Apparently, he dislikes Trump so much that he actually wants to leave the country because of him. 

Snoop Dogg said that he doesn't like Trump and that the president doesn't like him either. That's why Snoop would see it as a win-win situation for both of them if he came to Canada. It's also safe to assume that Snoop is into the legalization of recreational marijuana here in Canada.

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He then went on to ask us, Canada, if we would have him. He even said that we as a country deserve to have him. Then he got real about his plans saying he wants to get this dual citizenship underway in the next month. 

Snoop Dogg said that ideally he would become a dual citizen by January 2019 and insisted multiple times that he is so serious about it. He proved his allegiance by then singing a rendition of our national anthem. He sang, "O Canada, let me in your home, so I can be a citizen." 

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Snoop wouldn't be the only celeb to live north of the border. Justin Bieber recently made the move here with his new wife. Others who live in Canada include Michael Buble, Rachel McAdams, Mark Wahlberg, and obviously Drake

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