I never once thought I could be an actress. But, in a recent interview, Sophie Turner revealed she was forbidden to wash her hair while filming Game of Thrones. Now I'm rethinking that career aptitude test I took in high school and realizing I missed my true calling in life. 

Turner, who plays Sansa Stark in the popular HBO series, said showrunners requested that she not wash her hair during the filming of season five. Sansa's famously red locks got "really disgusting," according to the actress. But, for someone who once wrote "shower" on her to-do list, it sounds like a dream come true. 

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Sophie wasn't the only Game of Thrones actor "living with pretty greasy hair." Showrunners asked her male co-stars to do the same thing. Makes you think twice about running your fingers through Jon Snow's ~*dreamy*~ curls, doesn't it?

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For the final season, which is set to begin April 14, the naturally blonde Turner said she wore a wig.  Based on the interview, it sounds like Sansa could be rocking a new 'do: "She’s chosen how she wants her hair to be, and she’s finally the leader and influencer instead of being influenced by everyone else.” Could April please come a little faster??

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