The rest is still unwritten. Or is it? Spencer Pratt seems to think so... but one person doesn't. It would change the game if there was a Hills reunion. With all of these shows from our childhood/teen years being renewed, it would just make sense. The Hills was a huge part of our teen years; seeing Lauren and Heidi's friendship take a massive fall, all of the hookups, all of the fights, etc. Even though we all know now the show was pretty much scripted, I think it taught us valuable lessons. 

One person that doesn't think that? Lauren Conrad. Are we surprised? Lauren has expressed her feelings on The Hills, basically mentioning that she was miserable the whole time and that she felt played. While Spencer Pratt told People NOW that he has everyone on board for a reunion, he says his nemesis who he sarcastically calls the 'amazing L.C.' is not down for a reunion. 

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Spencer said in the interview, "I am working on The Hills reunion, I’ve gotten everyone on board," while stating the one person he doesn't have on board is Lauren Conrad. Spencer says that Lauren is more open to a Laguna Beach reunion, because that's currently where she lives. He also added, “Maybe we’re just going to have to do a Laguna Beach reunion and a Hills same night combo.” We're so down for that, Spencer. 

While everyone seems to be doing their own thing, it seems like the only person no one is in contact with anymore is Lauren. Audrina, Kristin and Heidi all keep in touch, but Lauren doesn't follow anyone but Lo on Instagram anymore. She probably wants to leave that show in the past, but we definitely don't. We'll be waiting riiiight here for the announcement. 

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