Stormy Daniels rose to fame 2 years ago when her alleged affair with Donald Trump was spread across all media platforms. Now she's become an internet personality who occasionally travels for adult entertainment conventions. She was scheduled to attend an event in Niagara Falls this weekend but ran into some trouble at the airport. Stormy Daniels was denied entry into Canada

The convention she was scheduled to attend was a 50th-anniversary celebration for a strip club in Niagara Falls, Sundown. She was supposed to be having two meet and greet sessions with fans. 

While no one knows why exactly she was denied entry at Toronto's Pearson Airport, we do know that she was put on a flight back to Miami after attempting to get through customs. It's even more confusing that Stormy was just allowed into Canada two weeks ago for a show in British Columbia.

Sundown has released that they've never had anything like this happen to other guests. They said, "We spent money, we wanted to do something good for people. I don't know why she advertised if she cannot come." When they were asked how much money they spent on Stormy they only answered with, "a lot." 

Her price tag comes as no surprise, after all since her allegations about Trump were released, she's written a tell-all book and has been on many late night talk shows.

No one from Stormy's team has made a statement about her cancellation, which has left fans who were refunded their tickets confused and upset. 

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