All Stranger Things fans are familiar with the Hawkins Institute and the sort of crazy things that go on there in the show. 

Well it turns out that that one of the actors on the show was once put into an institution themselves, except not because they could move things with their mind. 

David Harbour who, plays Chief Hopper on Stranger Things, says his parents once put him in a ‘mental asylum.’  

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Throughout his life Harbour says that he has dealt with a range of issues like anxiety, self-hatred, mania, fear, and sobriety. 

At the age of 25 he says he was also diagnosed with bipolar disorder. 

He says that he suffered a complete mental breakdown at one point and his parents had to take him to a psychiatric facility. 

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He says that while he knows that there are people out there who might find the idea of going to a mental institution to be a good thing but for him it wasn’t.  

“You do have a romantic idea of it … and it just ends up being sad and smells like s***,” he said. 

Harbour says he has been on medication to combat his bipolar disorder for a really long time now and that while he struggles to take the meds every day he does have some things that work for him now. 

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“Eat a cheeseburger and just, like, smoke cigarettes and hang out,” he said. 

He's encouraging others who suffer from bipolar disorder to listen to what he has to say on the issue, a link to which you can find in the tweet below. 

For additional information or resources on bipolar disorder, check out the Canadian Mental Health Association or click here for additional information on Canadian crisis hotlines. 

Source: ET Canada

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