If you're a MTV 16 & Pregnant fan or Teen Mom junkie, you'll be particularly interested in the newest development happening with the  Teen Mom OG franchise - and specifically what's happening with Farrah Abrahams. 

Longtime watchers will know that Farrah has been a nightmare to work with both on screen and off according to her castmates and crew. So in February MTV decided to fire Farrah from the show and replace her with Mackenzie McKee from "Teen Mom 3". Which resulted in Farrah suing  MTV for $5 million dollars

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While we can't be sure what's happening with MTV and Mackenzie McKnee we can say that there's a new Teen Mom and town and she's perfect for the role. 

Bristol Palin, aka the eldest daughter of former Alaskan governor Sarah Palin is set to join the show. She made news worldwide when her mother ran for Vice President of the USA in 2008 - and the media discovered that Bristol was pregnant at 16.  

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Now 27, she has 3 kids and is allegedly in the midst of a divorce with her husband Dakota Meyer over what he says is "discord or conflict of personalities”

Though the two still post photos of one another on social media and are actually very kind to each other... at least digitally.  

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And when it came to how the Teen Mom cast and fans felt about the news, it's safe to say that it has some scratching their heads and wondering what MTV is doing. 

Teen Mom 2 star Kailyn Lowry took to Twitter to respond to the news of Bristol reportedly joining the show, saying:

As for the fans, they seem confused as to why Bristol would be on the OG part of the franchise or given at platform at all since she's so unrelatable to teen girls. 

However, there are some that are down for the new addition.

If you want to catch the new season, Teen Mom OG will be airing this Fall on MTV. 

Source: People, Bustle

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