Another year gone another year on the way. With each passing year there are dozens of celebrity make ups and breakups, though this year especially seemed to overflow with celeb drama when it came to relationships. From Selena and The Weeknd breaking up and her immediately rebounding back to Justin, to Taylor's new beau, it seems every celeb's love life has been heating up or fizzling out in a big way.

Though, there are some newer couples we definitely do not think will be around to ring in 2019 this time next year, so we thought we'd compile them for you. Read on to see who we think will break up in 2018!

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Halsey and G-Eazy

First of all whoever is deeming these two as "couple of the year" needs a reminder that two people whose real names are Gerald and Frangipane are not COY worthy. These two remind me of that vine of the couple in Starbucks who don't know how to lay off the PDA, here's the video because I miss vine for reference: 

They've literally been dating for a few months and already have a cringey music video with a matching awkward performance, a lacklustre collab song and matching tattoos? Let's be real, they're going to break up within 2018 and then both spend the rest of the year passive aggressively shading each other on social media. 

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Sofia Richie and Scott Disick

I'm honestly surprised Scott and Sofia even made it to 2018 (actually, I'll hold that thought, we've got two more weeks and who knows wtf Scott is up to half the time). I mean, apart from the obvious signs that Sofia is a million times more into Scott than he is into her (according to their social medias, of course).  I feel like one day Scott is going to wake up and realize Sofia Richie is literally 19 and then just bolt. 

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Bella Thorne and Modsun 

Bella Thorne and Modsun seem super happy right now and I'm definitely happy for them, but we have all seen this before... with literally every boyfriend she's ever had. From Charlie Puth and Tyler Posey to that Gregg Sulkin video that continues to haunt me in my dreams: 

I think they'll stay together for a few more months and then part ways so Bella can rebound back to Gregg...  again. 

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Sarah Hyland and Wells Adams

Sarah Hyland is officially off her rocker like this was 100% confirmed the second she even considered dating a Bachelor contestant... let alone actually doing it. She also reminds me of those girls in university that overshare the shit out of their relationship but in reality are dying inside, I am seriously concerned. 

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez 

Don't get me wrong, my inner Jelena heart was just as full of excitement as yours probably was when those adorable photos of them at the hockey arena came out, but let's be real. These two have a horrible track record and the only thing that's set in stone for their relationship is that their break up will include way too many petty social media posts and weird song dedications. 

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Chris Martin and Dakota Johnson 

Ok first of all there are no photos of these two together but there was no way I was going to be scarred by this creepy fan edit without putting you through it as well. This has got to be the most vanilla relationship I've ever heard of. While I still don't know how Chris Martin and Dakota Johnson would have crossed paths, they definitely won't break up because of a fight. I feel like they'll both just bore each other to death. 

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Cole Sprouse and Lili Reinhart

*Pretends to be shocked.* While the train wreck that is CW's Riverdale needs a hell of a lot more than a fake co-star relationship to save their ratings, #BUGHEAD continues to persist. Their relationship will probably last as long as the show which I'm predicting is getting drop kicked to the W Network where it belongs before 2019. 

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Kendall Jenner and Blake Griffin 

Kendall and Blake have kept their relationship on the low so far, which is why I think they'll last longer than most of the couples on this list. Though her and ASAP kept pretty low as well and that didn't last either so who knows, but I definitely wouldn't bet these two will tough it out into 2019. 

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Leonardo DiCaprio and Camila Morrone

I kid you not I was just writing about how Leo and some Sports Illustrated model who had been dating this past year weren't going to last and now here I am writing about him and a NEW model. My opinion has not changed, these two are hot AF together but let's be real, Leonardo DiCpario goes through supermodel girlfriends like a teenage girl goes through bralettes. I give them maybe 7 months and then he'll move on to *insert whichever Sports Illustrated model he hasn't been linked to yet.* 

Rob Kardashian and Mehgan James

Who is Mehgan James and should I feel dis-accomplished as a reality show binge watcher that I don't know who she is? Regardless, it really doesn't matter considering she's apparently got a history with reality television meaning that this relationship just sounds like a recipe for disaster.. or higher ratings if you're Kris Jenner an optimist. via

Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn 

This is 100% going to happen and we all know it. I would say "at least we'll get a good album out of it!" but Reputation was flaming hot garbage therefor I have officially given up on Taylor Swift. 

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