It seems like every day there are new "influencers" popping up on Instagram, but if there's any kind of specific breeding ground for influencers in the making, it's definitely The Bachelor franchise's casting roster. Whether they were on the show for 2 episodes or in the final 2, just about every and any Bachelor contestant has tried their shot at Instagram fame, and 9 times out of 10 it's actually worked. 

Take Jojo for example, after her season there was a significant boost in the amount of sponsored posts she was putting up on her Instagram profile. I mean, don't we all take photos with our 32mm clamp curling iron from Bombay Hair like this? 

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Jojo isn't the only ex-contestant of the show cashing in on Instagram, think of all those Bachelor contestants who randomly end up on your explore page. Corinna, Lauren, Amanda.. they've all got a ton of followers but what are they actually worth? Are they seriously living off of Instagram?!

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The sponsorships range from tons of different companies, think curling irons, facial cleansers, eyelash serums etc. You've probably wondered though, how much money could these companies be offering for all of these girls to be flooding our timelines with the latest fab fit fun box unboxing? According to Byrdie, it's a lot more than you'd think. 

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While we can't snag the contestant's actual bank accounts, we can get a pretty good estimation considering the going rate right now for influencers with 100k followers charge a going rate of $5,000 a post. Keep in mind that the average contestant has around 1 million followers. Gheez. While there is apparently a cap on that 5k per 100k rate once you hit a certain amount of followers, apparently $25,000 for a post on an account with 2 million followers is on the low end. So let's assume the ex-Bachelor stars snag around $20,000+ per post. 

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If you consider how many times they are promoting products on Instagram whether it's on their stories or an actual post be it a video or just a photo, it becomes a lot easier to understand how all these ex-reality stars are keeping up their lavish lives. Seriously, think about it.. Amanda is supporting her TWO KIDS off of Instagram cash. I'm truly re-evaluating my life choices right now. 

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