Back in December, when the contestants for season 24 of The Bachelor were revealed, we also found out that there would be one contestant vying for the rose on behalf of all of Canada. Being the only representative of Canada, the BC native has been getting support from fans across the country. Now that the show has aired and she's gained more of an international following, The Bachelor contestant Mykenna Dorn's fans have found her doppelgänger and it's creepy.  

Bachelor Nation, what fans of the reality romance show call themselves, have taken it upon themselves to find look-alikes for all their favourite season 24 contestants. 

So far Dorn has been given four possible options, even claiming on her Instagram that she's been compared to a certain celeb on many accounts. 

Dorn reminded one fan on twitter of actress Leisha Hailey who works on The L Word, "If Mykenna ain't look exactly like Alice from The L Word." 

Their warm blonde hair and face shape are pretty similar.

Meredith on Twitter thinks The Bachelor contestant looks a whole lot like one of Joe Goldberg's early victims on Netflix's stalker series You, "just me or does Mykenna from the bachelor looks like Elizabeth who plays Beck on the show "you" on Netflix??"

This former Disney star may be known for more than her role on Girl Meets World after this tweet. Hannah pointed out that Dorn and actress/singer Sabrina Carpenter look almost exactly the same, "Is it just me or does Mykenna look EXACTLY like Sabrina Carpenter??"

The BC native even joined in on the fun herself. 

On her Instagram story, she shared a post from a The Bachelor fan account comparing her to the Olsen twins. She told her followers that this comparison has been happening to her throughout her entire life, "Been told this my whole life."

While it's too early in the season to tell how Dorn's journey will play out she did start off the show as a fan favourite, but after the premiere, fans began comparing to her to some of The Bachelor's "past villains." 

You can watch Mykenna Dorn on The Bachelor Mondays on ABC. 

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