If you’ve been keeping up with Peter Weber’s quest for love, you probably already know that The Bachelor memes from this season are absolutely hilarious. One contestant in particular that we’ve had our eye on is Canada’s own Mykenna Dorn, and you won’t believe the tweets that fans are sending out about her.

From the very first episode, Dorn has proved that she’s willing to fight tooth and nail for a shot at love with 28-year-old Weber. In the season premiere, we saw the fashion blogger interrupt Pilot Pete’s chat with another contestant, Natasha, by throwing paper airplanes at them.

Although Natasha eventually got her payback with a giant paper airplane of her own, Dorn still made an impression on her suitor that has carried her through all the way to week five.

Unfortunately, the BC born blogger hasn’t played a huge part in the last two episodes of the show. In fact, the only real camera exposure she got was her crying several times because she, like many of the other girls in the house, hasn’t had very much time alone with Weber due to the ongoing drama.

The 22-year-old has developed a pretty solid fan base since The Bachelor premiered earlier this month.

“The reason why the Olsen twins didn’t join Fuller House is because they joined The Bachelor and are now playing a character named Mykenna,” one person joked, referencing the fact that Dorn has endless doppelgangers.

“Mykenna on The Bachelor says 'like' more than any person ever should… But damn y’all I love her,” tweeted another.

Before the season began, fans were speculating that Dorn might have a good chance of making it all the way to the end, but now it seems as though people believe she’ll make a great Bachelor in Paradise contestant if things don’t quite pan out with Weber.

You can catch new episodes of The Bachelor every Monday at 8 p.m. ET.

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