Although this season has been filled to the brim with drama, The Bachelor star Mykenna Dorn has had enough of the online trolls making nasty comments about her. Over the past few weeks, people have been accusing the 23-year-old of using drugs while on the show, and she’s taking a stand against the haters.

Many of the cast members on Peter Weber’s season have had their moment in the spotlight, whether it’s due to exploding bottles of champagne, spreading rumours about the other women, or in Dorn’s case, making some seriously unforgettable facial expressions.

Whenever she found herself upset about the drama going on in The Bachelor mansion, people couldn’t help but notice that the Canadian fashion blogger expressed it very clearly on her face. Even Ellen DeGeneres took a moment to laugh about it on her show.

Since the silly faces Dorn was making involved a lot of tongue wagging and lip licking, people on Twitter began conjuring up rumours that Dorn was on drugs, namely cocaine, MDMA, and Adderall, during the show’s filming.

Word of these nasty rumours have gotten back to the B.C.-born reality TV star, and she made it clear that she’s had enough of what people have to say.

“I’m honestly done with this conversation and the daily DMs I get about it because you are obviously wrong,” Dorn said on her story yesterday.

“Like, do you really think they’re going to let us do cocaine on the show? Like, no. I literally have to tell the damn doctor why I want a damn Advil and give her my symptoms.”

Dorn has addressed the drama herself, but according to her Instagram, she’s headed back to L.A. for the taping of The Bachelor’s “Women Tell All” episode, so we might get some further answers about the situation then.

Be sure to tune into The Bachelor on Monday nights at 8 p.m. ET to see who wins the battle for Pilot Pete’s heart.

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