Last night was episode 3 of the Arie Luyendyk Jr. extravaganza on ABC. While his season is proving to be action packed with tons of strange and interesting characters, these characters should in no way be subject to the treatment they received on last night's episode. One character in particular? Bibiana. 

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Bibiana was introduced on this season as a bit of a wild one. She made it very clear from early on in the show that she was not going to be fucked with and stood up for herself when Krystal did her dirty back in episode 2. 

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While I don't agree with everything Bibiana did last night (talking shit about one of the girls to the Bachelor is alwaaaays a bad move, especially this early on) she did get very unfairly treated. 

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Arie had arranged a 'wrestling date' where the women would get coached by old Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling fighters. These women were extremely rough and didn't really understand that The Bachelor is all about goofing around and having fun. They taunted many girls for smiling and not taking the date seriously - and honestly, got quite rude about it.

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Our unsung hero, Bibiana, had no problem telling those ladies she was not okay with how they were speaking to the other girls. One of the female wrestlers then began taunting Bibiana about her name. She mocked it, mocked Bibiana's mother, accusing her of not knowing how to spell. "Why would your mother name you that?" the wrestler taunted. As I watched, I was appalled. This was extremely inappropriate and super racist. 

The wrestler taunted Bibiana, making her spell her name in front of the girls. As one of the only ethnic cast members, I found this dialogue extremely inappropriate. Considering all the backlash The Bachelor has had in the past for racism/racial insensitivity, I'm surprised this clip made it in the final cut for the episode. It upset me - an Italian Canadian. I can only imagine how the latino community reacted to this moment on the show.

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I definitely wasn't alone in my opinion as tons of other fans chimed in with their disapproval. Bibiana is a name that is Latin, Spanish and Italian in origin, deriving from the name Vivian. It translates to 'lively' - which describes Bibi perfectly! If someone can forward this article to that rude wrestling lady, it would be much appreciated. And Bibiana! We love her so much! And can't wait to see her on Bachelor Winter Games! 

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