Jonathan Friedland was the communications chief of Netflix for seven years until he was let go today due to using inappropriate language. Reports say that Friedland used the N-word twice while in work meetings.

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Friedland spoke out about being let go on Twitter, sharing that he was honoured to be apart of the work done by the company. He also shared that the reason he used the slur was in a discussion about words that offend in comedy. 

Friedland was accused of having said the insensitive comments on more than one occasion, which prompted Netflix staff to file a complaint. The tweets show that Friedland was clearly distressed about the pain his comments caused making it seems he understands his termination. 

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Friedman's role in the company was to keep track of the media and content publicity for the streaming services original series, movies, and specials for over 190 countries. He previously worked at Walt Disney Company also. 

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Netflix currently has over 125 million subscribers and has predictions of gaining six more million before the next quarter. After foul language like that, we understand where they're coming from.  

Source: The Guardian 

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