Kelleth Cuthbert made her red carpet debut earlier this month as the "Fiji Water Girl" and has been completely booked up since the Golden Globes.  It was at that award show that she made it big for photobombing pretty much every single celebrity's red carpet pictures with a tray of Fiji water. Ironically, the "Fiji Water Girl" is now suing the company that made her famous - Fiji Water.

Cuthbert, whose real name is Kelly Steinbach, is suing the Fiji Water after they allegedly used her image in cardboard cutouts and other promotional products that she did not agree to or sign off on. She claims that the company pressured her to sign away the rights to "Fiji Water Girl" but she claims she never did. Fiji, however, is saying that's not the case and Cuthbert violated their agreement. 

The matter will be going through the legal system, but the lawsuit isn't the only thing keeping Cuthbert busy lately. Ever since making it big at the Golden Globe awards, the model, who is from Canada, has been pretty much booked up with various cameos and other gigs.  

Her latest and probably biggest gig since the Globes is joining the Inside Edition team to cover the upcoming Super Bowl. On top of that, she's been documenting all her big updates on her Twitter, which she only made after going viral at the Globes. 

So far with the Inside Edition, she has posed with some more water, got a behind the scenes look at the Super Bowl cheerleaders, and even interviewed Tom Brady, the quarterback for the New England Patriots. 

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She also recently landed a cameo on the Bold and The Beautiful, a soap opera, where she posed with even more water. 

That's not all, though. She is first and foremost a model, so she's done a bit of that too. She has posed all over California later and shortly after the Globes, she shared that she was also appearing on the cover of an upcoming romance novel. 

Of course, as a viral star, there are also some unique celebrity situations to get used to, including a run in with the paparazzi that may not have gone as well as Cuthbert hoped. 

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Finally, she's been landing some major paid partnerships including one with Stella and Chewys, a pet brand, and another with FabFitFun. 

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While the lawsuit may be what's making headlines lately, it's not all Kelleth Cuthbert has going on. If her past month of fame tells us anything, the "Fiji Water Girl" is not slowing down any time soon. 

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