Poor little V got a lot more than she bargained for moving to Riverdale for a truly tumultuous sophomore year. From finding out her dad was a convicted felon, to making new friends and school, and trying to solve a murder. Just your average teen antics, you know? With junior year around the corner, who know what's in store for our favourite band of small-town kids?

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Hermione has been a fairly decent screen-mama helping out with Veronica's ups and downs. (River Vixen drama, public humiliation of football players, shady af Southside Serpent activity, etc etc.)

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Although she scored a super hot, sensitive, football playing boyfriend a la Archie Andrews, she also lost dear-old dad. A not-so-white collared business tycoon that got a little dirty along the way. For all of season one, we have yet to see a glimpse at Daddy Lodge - until now. 

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V's screen-mom posted this affectionate insta captioned: The Lodges are back baby, with a cute little kiss emoji. The man in the shot, Mark Consuelos, is confirmed to be Veronica's very hot screen daddy. 

Met @thecwriverdale family yesterday... thanks for the warm welcome. Can't wait to start #hiramlodge #Riverdale

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We can't wait to see what Veronica's dilf DAD is up to during season 2. All eyes will be on him, for obvious reasons. 

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