It must be a tough time to be Selena Gomez. Being rich and famous doesn't help much when two of your ex-boyfriends return to previous lovers, but now she just got shaded by the head of a luxury fashion brand. 

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Stefano Gabbana, the head of Dolce and Gabbana, commented on a photo of the singer, posted by a fashion page, that showed how stunning Gomez looked in red dresses. The comment read "She's so ugly" with three exclamation points. 

Gabbana is known for bullying Disney Stars actually, starting a feud with Miley Cryus last year. While the Hannah Montana actress posted support for her brother Braison walking in a D&G show, she shared that she disagreed with the politics of the fashion company. This caused Gabbana to retaliate and declare that he no longer will work with any Cyrus sibling. 

It's one thing to have an opinion but to call someone ugly online is not okay, especially as an adult. One would expect that someone who works in such a high profile industry wouldn't want to start celebrity feuds.  

People are not having it on Twitter though, fans were very quick to start calling out Gabbana for bullying. 

In a day and age that celebrates unique beauty, it seems like Gabbana is stuck in a negative cycle. Maybe celebrities will think twice before hopping onto the next D&G campaign. 

Source: Popbuzz

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