One week ago, there was a rumour swirling around that the Jonas Brothers were reuniting. This is NOT a drill or a rumour, as Nick, Kevin, and Joe are ready for their comeback... together. The Jonas Brothers are releasing their first single since 2013 tomorrow

Hearts all over the world actually broke when the Jonas Brothers announced they were breaking up in 2013. The band had canceled their tour and deleted their Twitter account, and boy bands were just never the same. Well, it looks like we're going to be burnin' up again. The Jonas Brothers are set to change our lives tomorrow with a new single... and it's called...

Sucker. Yes, you'll be able to download a Jonas Brothers song called Sucker tomorrow, March 1st. I just got transported back to being a teen, and I love it. Not only is this a huge change for Jonas Brothers fans, but we'll have to get used to calling them JONAS instead as that is what they'll be putting new music under. 

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So much has changed since the band broke up in 2013. Nick got married, Joe got engaged, and Kevin had a couple of kids. I really, REALLY hope their new music lives up to its potential, and let's be real here, we know it will. 

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Fans freaked out when Nick liked several tweets after news came out that they were reuniting, as if it wasn't true, he would've said something. Back in 2018, their Instagram account got reactivated and fans, of course, freaked out. Nick shot down rumours about it, but said 'never say never'. Now we don't have to.

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