A few months ago, Jacob Elordi played Noah Flynn in the now iconic film The Kissing Booth. Jacob quickly became famous for playing the brooding bad boy after the film blew up on Netflix.

In a new interview with ET Canada, Jacob opened up about his relationship with his former co-star Joey King and he also talked about his newest movie that's currently filming in Vancouver, Canada.

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He's wrapping up his newest film 2 Hearts in Vancouver, BC right now. He's playing another lead character, Chris. We don't know too much about the film but we're excited to see The Kissing Booth star on our screens again!

When asked about his time in Canada, he talked about how the cliche is really true, Canadians are really that nice. One thing that surprised him was that Canadians really do have a different accent from Americans.

When he was asked to do his best Canadian accent, we couldn't stop laughing. He tried his best to imitate a great Canadian accent but it turned out to hilariously awkward. He kept insisting that Canadians always say "Sorry" differently from other accents.

He repeated "Surrey" multiple times as he pleaded that it was a proper Canadian accent. After finally giving up, he continued to talk about how Americans tend to have a harsher accent whereas Canadians are more soft-spoken and our words run together.

When asked about The Kissing Booth, he talked about how happy he is that the film is getting so much recognition.

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Jacob started blushing when the interviewer began asking him about girls on set. He knew instantly that she was asking about Joey and their relationship. He went on to say that they were all best friends on set and that's how their love grew.

The interviewer asked if there was a moment when he knew that he liked her and he couldn't answer the question. He shied away from the answer. He chopped it up to timing and luck that they met and fell in love.

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He did reveal that while filming in Vancouver, Joey came to visit him! He said that the whole thing was a surprise and he couldn't have been happier.


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