Drake isn't the only Canadian artist that's gone MIA recently. It seems like now that Drake has been located and is apparently spending his time complaining about wifi in Canada, fans have moved on to wondering what happened to the Weeknd. He hasn't been in the spotlight for a few years now, but he recently returned to social media and fans are ecstatic. Fans want The Weeknd to drop a new album

The Weeknd deleted his Instagram account a few months ago and people believed that it meant he was heading into writing mode to release an all-new album. Now that he's back on social media (Twitter) again, fans are begging for the new album. 

He posted a selfie of himself drinking a cocktail and smiling widely and posted the photo without a caption. 

The comments under the photo begging him for a new album are actually hilarious. 

One fan even stressed how long it's been since he dropped his last album telling him to, "Fucking DROP THE ALBUM ITS BEEN 3 YEARS." 

Another fan is speculating that his return to social media is actually just to tease his fans and that he probably hasn't even started on the new album. 

The Weeknd's smug selfie isn't the only new social media post that fans think hints at a new album. The same day he dropped the selfie, he also posted a photo of a billboard advertising the Canadian record label he founded, XO Records. 

We aren't sure if these posts do mean a new album is coming soon, but for the sake of his fans sanity, we hope it does. 

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