You know how they say 'keep your friends close and your enemies closer'? Well, that's not the case for this story. If you haven't heard, Khloe Kardashian broke up with Tristan Thompson after learning that he cheated on her with Kylie Jenner's best friend Jordyn Woods. The world was absolutely shocked to hear this news, as Jordyn and Kylie have been inseparable for years. Well, it seems like that's going to change. The whole Kardashian family is cutting out Jordyn Woods, and that's including BFF Kylie Jenner

The news came out about this huge and very hurtful story yesterday, Tuesday, February 19th. In a matter of hours, it seemed like Khloe and Kylie's worlds came crashing down in completely different ways. While Khloe has been through this with now-ex Tristan, Kylie and Jordyn have never had a falling out. But this was the end game for their friendship. 

A source told E! News that the entire Kardashian family is 'writing off' Jordyn, and unfortunately, that means Kylie too. Apparently, Kylie would not believe the news until it was confirmed and doesn't know how to handle the situation but wants to sever ties. Blood is thicker than water, Kylie. 

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Kylie and Jordyn have been best friends since they were 13, and in the past few years, they have shown their friendship more and more on social media. They're actually so close that Kylie lets Jordyn live in her guest home. Kylie out of everyone definitely has the hardest decision to make, as her best friend was caught making out with her sisters boyfriend at a party. And it's just so easy to not do that. 

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While Khloe, and her best friend Malika, have responded to the story, Kylie and the rest of the Kardashians have not. I'm sure that Kylie is absolutely heartbroken over this, and most likely won't publicly say anything about it. However, if I was Kylie, Jordyn's number would be blocked and her bags would be packed for her. 

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