Kanye West is one of the few people in the music industry who is probably known more  for his and his family's antics off stage than for his actual musical work.   

His own fans seem to be trying to out do him though, which we all know is basically impossible, but hey they're trying. 

See one of his fans has created an online dating website only for hardcore fans of Kanye West and joining requires a pretty strange rule.  

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The site is called Yeezy Dating, and it's aimed at people who are "fans of the genius Mr. Kanye West."   

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However if you are a fan of Taylor Swift and her music you won't be allowed on the site apparently. 

That's right, if you love to Shake It Off, well then there will be no Kanye West dating site for you. 

Seriously, the site states the rule explicitly right on the homepage so that everyone knows exactly what they're getting into.    

The warning is even accompanied by a snake emoji so you can tell that they're being 100% serious. 

Via Yeezy Dating

How the website exactly finds out that you're a closeted fan of Swift is anyone's guess, but it is a bit extreme just to put it right on the homepage, right?  

Then again if you are a massive Kanye West fanatic and have some kind of deep seeded hatred for Taylor Swift this may finally be the dating site for you to find your one true love.

Source: MSN

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