We all know that Prince Harry and Megan Markle got married recently, and as you probably know Prince Harry is the younger brother of Prince William.

Meaning that Harry will never be king of anything unless a whole bunch of people die, including his niece and nephews.

But what if we told you that there’s technically a loophole that could make Harry King of Canada. 

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Philippe Lagasse, a Carleton University professor says that it’s actually possible. According to Lagasse, Canada’s constitution says that Canada’s authority is “vested in the Queen.”

However it doesn’t actually really say that it’s the queen/king of the U.K., so technically Canada could just declare that Prince Harry is now King Harry of Canada and ta-da we’d have our own King separate from the U.K.

Now of course there are all sorts of issues with this, the first one obviously being that if Prince Harry accepted being King of Canada that would likely be considered treason by England. Who knows, they could even start a war over it.

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So probably not a good career move for him. 

Secondly in 2003 federal lawyers won a case stating that Canadian law is connected with the idea that the King or Queen of Canada is the same one as in the U.K. 

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The third issue is that in order to change anything having to do with “the office of the queen” it needs approval from all 10 provinces.

So, while the possibility exists don’t get your hopes up for a King Harry. 

Source: National Post

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