Okay, we've all been there when we're sitting and watching a movie and thinking "When did Katy Perry start acting?!" or "Are Mila Kunis and Sarah Hyland related?" Am I the only one who can't stop researching until you find the person the celebrity looks like?! 

Since there are so many celebrities, some are bound to look like each other. But these next ones that I'm about to show you are actually crazy. Like they're not normal, and they'll leave you mind f*cked for days. Maybe you don't see where these celebrities look alike but, you're also wrong. 

Amy Adams and Isla Fisher

This one messes with my brain so much. How are they not even a little bit related? Apparently they look so much alike that Isla Fisher switched her face with Amy Adams for her family Christmas card and not one person noticed. That's so crazy. 

Katy Perry and Zooey Deschanel 

The first time I watched Yes Man I was convinced that it was Katy Perry in the movie. Even my dad couldn't tell them apart in the movie. Now that Katy Perry is blonde with short hair and Zooey Deschanel is not blonde with short hair, they look less alike but back when Katy Perry got her start the two were absolute twins. 

Jessica Chastain and Bryce Dallas Howard

Maybe it's because they both have red hair, but I don't think that's why. Bryce Dallas Howard has even said that people have mistaken her for Jessica Chastain on the red carpet and she goes along with it. Except she said no one mistakes her for the other actress when she doesn't have makeup on. 

Adam Brody and Penn Badgley 

Okay this one is mind-boggling. These two celebs starred in opposite teen dramas, Adam in The O.C. and Penn in Gossip Girl but they actually look freakishly alike? I never thought about this, but now I can't unsee it. 

Victoria Justice and Nina Dobrev

This is so WEIRD! It's like looking at a big and little sister. Maybe it's because they both have dark brown hair and brown eyes, but c'mon. You cannot say you didn't do a double take. Both of these actresses got their careers started early in life, so even that's something they have in common. Damn.

Sarah Hyland and Mila Kunis

Okay, not only do they look alike, but the two actresses have said that when they get mistaken for the other they don't correct them. Mila Kunis has said that it makes her feel young, and you can't deny that they look SO much alike. If they knew each other growing up, Sarah could have totally used Mila's ID. 

Javier Bardem and Jeffrey Dean Morgan

Guys, that's a picture of two different people. I still can't believe it. If you don't believe that you have a twin somewhere in the world, this should make you believe so. Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Javier Bardem could 100% pass for one another and I'm sure they get that all the time. 

Selena Gomez and Lucy Hale 

This one might be a stretch, but I personally think they've always looked alike. Especially when they were younger and getting their start, they had the same sense of style and did their hair similar. However, to me their noses are super similar!

Idina Menzel and Lea Michele 

These two look so much alike that they actually casted her in Glee as Rachel (Lea's) mom. They casted her after fans kept saying how much the two looked alike, and the rest is history. I mean, you'd be crazy to think that Idina couldn't be Lea's real mom. 

Stephen Colbert and Bob Saget

Okay these two could 100% be brothers. The comedian and the actor both have similar faces, and even though this isn't the most shocking out of all of them, you can't deny that they look freakishly alike. 

Leighton Meester and Minka Kelly

These two actresses look so much alike it's scary. They were even in the movie The Roommate together which got kind of confusing since they looked so much alike. They're even great friends, which makes it even weirder but whatever. 

Christian Bale and Peter Facinelli

THESE TWO AREN'T TWINS! How messed up is that. From the colour of their beards, to their pointy noses, to their eye colours. It's so weird that Christian Bale and Peter Facinelli aren't credited more for how much they look alike. Wow. 

Taylor Swift and Avicii 

Oh my god this makes me laugh. Avicii, whose real name is Tim Bergling, literally looks like he could be her brother. The two have such similar noses, mouths and face shapes. This is one I can't unsee, and it's so funny to me. When fans started reaching out to Taylor saying she looked like him she responded, "Just saw this, then immediately called my parents and asked them point blank if they kidnapped me from Avicii's family in Sweden when I was a baby. Of course they denied it. They would." Omg. 

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