I'm pretty sure at this point the entire world anticipates when Ariana Grande will drop another song. In 2018, she surpassed so many records that by law we should be bowing down to her. Well, last night Ariana blessed us with her first single of 2019, and it definitely didn't disappoint. While nothing will ever compare to the Thank U, Next music video, the video for her new single 7 Rings was also iconic. Ariana dropped 7 Rings late last night, and there are a ton of hidden messages you probably missed. 

I'm definitely a big Ariana Grande fan. I look forward to her next single, and her album Sweetner was my summer 2018 jam. I can only imagine what her next single/album will be, but there are rumours that it's called Thank U, Next. 

Ariana has really had a rough couple of years. From the shooting at her concert in Manchester, to her and Mac Miller ending things, to a quick relationship with Pete Davidson, and unfortunately, the passing of Mac Miller. It's shocking to a lot of us that Ariana is out there thriving, but we wouldn't expect anything less. 7 Rings is about her relationship with her best friends, after she bought them 7 rings. But it's also about female empowerment and not needing a man to buy you things. But there's a lot more to the music video than you think. So here are all the hidden messages you missed in Ariana's 7 Rings music video: 

Via Ariana Grande

"19 - 85 - 25" License Plate

Ariana Grande is no stranger to putting clues on her license plates in music videos. In the Thank U, Next music video while she parodied Legally Blonde, she drove up to campus and the license plate said 7 Rings. Now on the license plate in the car in 7 Rings, it says 19 - 85 - 25. Fans think this means Ariana dropped her first single at 19, she's currently 25, and it feels like 85 years since she dropped her last single. She even said it feels like 85 years on Twitter, which definitely gives it away. 

Via Ariana Grande

Does the beginning music sound familiar?

Ariana loves dropping hints on us. In the Thank U, Next music video, Ariana slyly added in the beginning music to 7 Rings without us even knowing. Listen to them back to back, and you'll know what I'm talking about. 

Via Ariana Grande

All of her best friends are in the music video with her

Just like in the Thank U, Next music video, Ariana doesn't just hire random people. She hires her friends. I spoke about the meaning behind the song briefly, but she gave 6 rings to her BFFs after having a bad day and gifted one to herself, and that's where the inspiration came from for this song. She bought the rings at Tiffany's, which is also a lyric in the song. Her best friends names are Alexa, Courtney, Victoria, Tayla, Njomza, and Kaydence. 

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Next single?

A super fan caught that on the side of the car it said Nasa, which they expect to be her next single or a single on her next album. Either way, we'll be patiently waiting for that music video too. 

Via Ariana Grande

Just a tinnnny reference to Pete Davidson snuck in there

In the song, not in the music video, Ariana references that she bought a crib... which is for her pig Piggy Smalls. She bought Piggy Smalls with Pete Davidson, and when she broke up, she kept him as well as the apartment. In the lyrics, Ariana sings "I bought a crib just for the closet. Both his and hers, I want it, I got it, yeah." 

If you have yet to see the music video, do yourself a favour and check it out below. But if you don't like the colour pink, this may not be for you. 

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