Chris Pratt is one of the biggest actors today. He's hilarious, relatable, and respectful. Who wouldn't want to marry him? Well, even though he's one of the most sought after men in Hollywood, he actually keeps a pretty low profile when it comes to his personal life. You probably can't even think of many people he has dated, which just means he keeps that to himself. Well, in this article you'll find out all the girls that Chris Pratt has dated before his engagement to Katherine Schwarzenegger.

If you're not familiar with Chris Pratt and his dating life, he just got engaged to Arnold Schwarzenegger's daughter, Katherine. The two have been dating since the summer of 2018, and things picked up fast. They met through her mother, Maria Shriver, as he went to the same church as she did. I mean, it doesn't get more old school than your mom setting you up. 

So, it's time to find out who he dated before his engagement to Katherine. And while you may be expecting a ton of people, you're wrong. Like I said before, Chris is super private, but also had one long successful marriage. So here are all of the people he has previously dated. 

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Emily VanCamp 

Emily VanCamp and Chris Pratt dated from 2004 to 2006, which truly seems like a lifetime ago. You may recognize Emily from shows such as Revenge or The Resident, but Chris and Emily met while filming the show Everwood, which ended basically around the time that their relationship ended. 

Emily and Chris were actually brother and sister on the show, which weirded fans out even more. Although back in 2004 we had no social media, so if you felt weird about something you kind of just kept it to yourself. It's not public knowledge as to why the couple broke up, but Emily is now happily married to her Revenge co-star Josh Bowman. 

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Anna Faris 

Pretty soon after breaking up with Emily VanCamp, Chris met Anna Faris. They met while filming a movie called Take Me Home Tonight in 2007, and I'm sure no one remembers that movie. But the two hit it off and were actually engaged in 2008. In 2009, Anna and Chris got married and then welcomed a son named Jack in 2012. 

Unfortunately, devasting news came to all of us when they announced they were separating on August 7th, 2017. They remain great friends though, and Anna even congratulated Chris and Katherine on their engagement! 

And there you have it. Those are the only women Chris has dated in his time in the spotlight. We have to remember him and Anna were together for 10 years so it makes sense that he wasn't involved with a lot of people. And now he'll live happily ever after with Katherine! 

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