Another year of Bachelor in Paradise, another year of glo ups. This season has been packed with drama. That doesn't take away from the serious changes in a lot of the contestants appearances after missing out on the final rose their first time around in the Bachelor franchise. So let's look at the biggest glo ups in paradise this season. 


If you thought this list would exist without addressing what Alexis Waters was hiding under her dolphin shark costume, you were very wrong. The only mind I paid Alexis during Nick's season was her costume and that's about it. When she returned to paradise and got rid of it after her entrance I was literally shook

Danielle M 

Moving onto blonde nurse #45 in the Bachelor franchise, Danielle M. While I don't fully remember what she was like on Nick's season, I didn't need to to figure out the 31 year old got some new boobs before Paradise this Summer. Mainly because she was telling every news outlet who would listen to her about it. 


Raven is a hot commodity in paradise this season. According to her she came into paradise with an open mind and heart. She also came in with a new addition (current boob job count: 2). 


Next we've got Kristina, fresh off of Nick's season and currently subject to Dean's douchebaggery happening in paradise right now. She went from borderline Wednesday Adams to Fit Tea Ambassador within a few months and I'm 100% here for it. 

Taylor's glo-up is more of a personality glo up. She looks great as she did during Nick's season, but she seems 10x less annoying and contrived than she did on the Bachelor. Though let's be real this might just be because she's getting less screen time. 


Lacey went from the girl who puts 40 hashtags and the Ludwig filter on her Instagram posts to having her DMs raided for "collabs." The hair colour switch looks amazing and I am so here for her wardrobe upgrade. 

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