Riverdale fans have been fawning over Betty and Jughead being together for basically all of the show's duration. Beloved child star Cole Sprouse and newcomer Lili Reinhart are truly adorable on-screen AND OFF to much of our delights. The two have been straight up #couplegoals (like when Lili defended Cole Sprouse when a fan got rude) since they got together on set and have been making us nothing but happy as we re-watch season one. 

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And while we're super excited for season 2 of Riverdale and all it entails, we were also super excited to see more Bughead romance. But apparently, the writers aren't going to give us what we want. At least not yet. 

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Canadian actress Vanessa Morgan will join the Riverdale cast as Toni Topaz, a spunky South Side Serpent pulled straight from the Archie Comics. Throughout season 2, Toni will help Jughead navigate through the ins and outside of Southside High with a healthy dose of mischief. 

Vanessa Morgan let it slip that,"Toni's one of Jughead's first friends from Southside, and she might cause a little bit of trouble for Bughead… but she's super interesting, she's super fun, and I think she's gonna bring some excitement for the Bughead fans...there might be a little love triangle there…”

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Even a show runner said that it seems that "It's almost like every force in the universe is out to pry Bughead apart. There are going to be problems coming in multiple different directions, besieging both of our couples." HEY QUIT IT. Leave Archie out of this!! His dad just got SHOT okay?! Let's pray for our favourite Riverdale couples. In Pop's, we trust. 

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