Unless you live under a rock it would be hard to miss the news that international pop star, Ariana Grande, and her SNL comedian fiance, Pete Davidson, called it quits on Sunday evening. Narcity covered the news after fans were devastated that the couple had ended their engagement and their relationship after only 5 months together.

Grande and Davidson shocked the world after rushing into an engagement shortly after first getting together in May. Yet now a new photo is circulating on social media that makes this epic breakup look like a hoax. 

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The couple was reportedly spotted leaving NBC in on Monday, October 15th together and people are now questioning if Grande and Davidson are officially over or possibly just delaying their engagement. 

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While the photos are definitely blurry, you can clearly see the NBC sign on the building in the second photo of the pair exiting the studios. Before we chalk it up to Ariana and Pete previously visiting the SNL set where the comedian works, the visit to the studio makes a lot of sense today. 

Grande broke her silence on social media today by announcing she would be part of the Wicked celebration being held in two weeks time. The special is in honour of the 15th anniversary of the musical, which Grande called her "favourite of all time."

Not only does it make sense that the couple would be at the studio, but the two people in the photo also have the exact same height difference, style, and body shape as the allegedly ex-fiances. 

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Considering that Grande had just bought a $16 million dollar apartment to start her life with Davidson in New York City (the same place they were spotted), it truly wouldn't surprise us if the couple were still together and this was just a rumour. 

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Fans online were also quick to speculate that the couple is in fact still together. Some pointed out that neither has addressed the rumour, plus Grande still has tons of photos on Instagram of her comedian fiance. 

While we will definitely wait on Grande and Davidson to confirm if their breakup is real or not, the evidence is pointing to the fact that they are probably still together. 

No matter what, let's just hope that these two are happy together or apart. After all, Ariana did write a song called "Pete Davidson" where she called him her soul mate, so would they break up? Let's wait and see. 

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