Have you ever heard of the Skarsgård brothers? These super famous brothers are literally as famous as Brad Pitt or Angelina Jolie in Sweden. They're considered acting royalty in Europe. Now they're making their way into American cinema and we're excited.

This family of actors is quickly taking over Hollywood. These actors are superstars in Sweden, purely because they are fantastic actors. You've probably already seen these brothers on TV and you didn't even notice. 

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All of them are children of Stellan Skarsgård. He's known for pretty much every movie you can think of, specifically, Pirates of the Caribbean, Mamma Mia!, Good Will Hunting, The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo and more! 

Gustaf Skarsgård, the second eldest in the famous family is the newest addition to the Westworld cast! His character is Delos' head of operations, Karl Strand. You may also recognize as Floki from the successful show, Vikings.

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His older brother, Alexander Skarsgård just received a Golden Globe for his performance as the violently tempered Perry Wright in Big Little Lies. The show was such an incredible success, starring Reese Witherspoon, Nicole Kidman and Shailene Woodley. He also starred in True Blood.

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The youngest brother, Bill Skarsgård scared the life out of us last year, as Pennywise in the movie IT. Yes, this handsome young man played the role of the terrifying clown in Stephen King's latest film adaptation. He's already signed on to complete the second part of the hit film.

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So, it's no surprise that this famous family is doing extremely well in the United States. They are literally European royalty and now they're taking over Hollywood. 

We're definitely excited to see more of them on TV and in theatres! 

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