If you're a visible minority, you may know how easy it is to get mistaken for someone else of the same descent. If you're Asian, Indian or African then you may get commonly mistaken for someone who looks and sounds nothing like you, apart from their skin colour.

Well, this is apparently super common in Hollywood too, especially for these three actors - and their responses were hilarious. 

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This all started with Kumail Nanjiani, an Emmy Award Winning comedian, actor and writer. He's starred in award winning shows like Silicon Valley, Adventure Times and his latest venture, The Big Sick. Nanjiani took to Twitter to admit that "A day may come when I am not mistaken for another brown actor. But it is not this day". Even though he is a very well known actor, he was clearly mistaken for someone else that day. 

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In response, Kunal Nayyar, star of "The Big Bang Theory" responded by saying, "Every time I get recognized for you I think "man I wish it were true :)". Haha, we love Nayyar and his sweet demeanour. Nayyar admitted that this doesn't only happen to Nanjiani, but also to himself, quite frequently...

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Then, actor Kal Penn, who's famous from his role in "Harold And Kumar Go To White Castle", chimed in by saying "I have taken credit for both of your accolades in the last 2 weeks so I guess I owe you each a photo, half a beer, and an awkward extended hug." 

Via Twitter / Kumail Nanjiani

The best line of all though came from Sarah Silverman, who responded at the very end to all three of them by saying, "Why do you have three accounts?" clearly making a joke that they are all the same person. 

It was all lighthearted, Nanjiani responded by reposting the entire thread, stating "I like @SarahSilverman". We love that these guys and Silverman have a great sense of humour and that they can make even an awkward situation into something hilarious. 

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